Job offer with $50,000 annual income and a guaranteed home?

We are building 1,000 affordable homes and 23 businesses,

which generate 1,700 permanent jobs.

Help us making the dream come true!

Our Mission

To implement a holistic lifestyle that focuses in the development of a higher level of social consciousness, self-awareness and respect for nature, which serves as the base to initiate and define a new socio-economic system. The system respects free enterprise and it is not dependent on charity or paternalistic government subsidy. It promotes competition but controls ethics. It is a system that respects human dignity, while providing the structure to perform and thrive based on effort, motivation and pride, resolving the access to resources.

We will develop a “Franchise City” concept. The first city will generate 1,700 jobs with a minimum income of $50,000 per year and we will build 1,000 affordable homes and 22 businesses.

We  applied for a government grant for 200 million. We finished the financial analysis and set up of the economic structure for the project. We are presently developing the business plan and crowdfunding platform and began the process of private investment and fundraising. We also opened an advance registration process to invest and/or reserve a place at the community. Contact us for details at ptovar@thebutterflyeffectcity.com



Once we launch the campaign, we expect the web page to go viral: job offer with  $50,000 annual income and a guaranteed home! Our page will have millions of hits and we can only have a few sponsors. Don’t be the last one ! Register now!



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