Job offer with $50,000 annual income and a guaranteed home?

We are building 1,000 affordable homes and generating 1,700 permanent jobs.

Help us making the dream come true!

The Butterfly Effect Project (TbeP) pursues to implement a holistic lifestyle that focuses on the development of a higher level of social consciousness, self-awareness and respect for nature, to be achieved as the result of a new economic system. The ecosystem and social environment must work together to produce meaningful results.

We just finished the financial analysis and set up of the economic structure for the project. We are also half way through   processing the requirements to submit a government grant request for $140 million. But we need your support to raise $200,000 to complete the impact studies and set up the webpage for crowd funding and promotion.

       Donate up to $3,000 through pay pal   donate  

For larger donations, please make a  wire transfer to:

Citibank at 13820 Higate Square Miami Fl 33186

Routing Number 266086554 Swift CITIUS33

The Butterfly Effect City Project

Account Number 9138176450

Once we launch the campaign, we expect the web page to go viral: job offer with  $50,000 annual income and a guaranteed home! Our page will have millions of hits and we can only have a few sponsors. Don’t be the last one !



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