“You never change the existing reality by fighting it. Instead, create a new model that makes the old one obsolete.”               Buckminster Fuller 

“Instead of wasting taxpayer money on programs that are obsolete or ineffective, the  government should be seeking out creative, results-oriented programs … and helping them replicate their efforts across America.”              President Obama (June 30, 2009).

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
 Mahatma Gandhi       

The Butterfly Effect Project (TbeP) pursues to implement a holistic lifestyle that focuses on the development of a higher level of social consciousness, self-awareness, and respect for nature.

This system utilizes existing business resources such as a franchising and workers own but implement them in an ingenious way that produces a synergetic result, maximizing technology and advanced knowledge to obtain the highest level of comfort, economic stability and social responsibility, at the lower cost possible in natural resources and labor.

The company is a private corporation, structured as a franchise to preserve the concept, ensure good management and prevent corruption. We will build a small community with housing for 1,700 families ( aprox 3,000 people) generating employment for at least one member of each family. There are 22 main businesses, from agriculture to manufacturing and services, to offer a diversity of jobs and sources of income. There is a minimum guaranteed income, based on the production of the company. The homes and commercial real estate are owned by the company, but the workers own shares of the company. This allows the workers to accumulate wealth and obtain the assurance of a home for life, without having to qualify for a mortgage or commit to one specific property for a long term. The average family lives in 4 different types of homes over a lifetime.

 This community is designed in a way that everything is within walking distance, so there is no fuel traffic inside the city. This reduces contamination and lowers the debt ratio of the families by not paying for transportation. There is a fleet of common vehicles of several styles for everyone to use when going outside the city.

The federal education system is reinforced with special classes to enhance the learning experience, promote social development and good health, as well as to exercise critical thinking and decision making.

High technology is purposely used to improve the quality of life at a lower cost in natural resources. There is a formula that compares the rate of spending resources, the efficiency in productivity and the community consumption with the company profit and asset’s valorization, to determine the value of an internal currency. If we produce more with less and consume smartly, the value of the currency will increase.  This resolves the ethical dilemma and the environmental paradox of a consumer society.





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